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Funeral of Winnie Johnson to take place today in Manchester

Winnie Johnson, lighting a memorial candle at Manchester Cathedral during her son's memorial service Photo: PA

The funeral of Winnie Johnson, the mother ofMoors murder victim Keith Bennett, will take place today in Manchester

Winnie Johnson, 78, had been suffering from cancer for a number of years and passed away peacefully at a hospice on August 18th, her lawyer said.

She died without knowing where her son is buried.

Keith Bennett Credit: PA

Her 12-year-son's killer, Ian Brady, has always refused to disclose the location of Keith's body on Saddleworth Moor above Manchester.

Keith was taken by Brady and his partner, Myra Hindley on June 16 1964, after he left home to visit his grandmother.

Winnie alwaysmaintained that Brady remembers where the body was hidden and appealled to himdirectly to reveal the location before she died.

1988 photo of Winnie digging with her 23 year old son Joey, on Saddleworth Moor Credit: PA

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