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Fundraising walk for Alzheimer's

A 'Corrie couple' are joining around 700 people on Manchester's Memory Walk. Soap star couple Judy Holt and Tony Hirst from Coronation Street will be reunited when they start the Alzheimer's Society's Manchester.

Corrie's Judy and Tony - Lesley and fireman Paul Kershaw in the soap - appeared together in a challenging and dramatic story line in which she played his wife living with Alzheimer's and will be taking part.

A report by the Alzheimer's Society shows 84,092 people in our region have been diagnosed with dementia and that the number will rise to more than 100,000 in 2021.

Worryingly though the same survey estimates there are more than 45,000 (45,862) who may currently have dementia but haven't been diagnosed which means they've no access to benefits, special care or medication.

In the UK as a whole, there are more than 300,000 (334,435) people living with a dementia diagnosis in the UK but almost 450,000 (438,721) are estimated to be suffering from the condition but with no diagnosis.

The Alzheimer's Society say there are three main symptoms to look out for if you think someone you know may suffer from dementia:

Memory problems: For example, forgetting the way home from the shops, or being unable to remember names and places.Mood changes: Particularly as the parts of the brain that control emotion become affected by disease. People with dementia may also feel sad, frightened or angry about what is happening to them.Communication problems: For example, a decline in the ability to talk, read and write.Alzheimer's sufferer Ann Johnson says that it can be scary when the first symptoms of Alzheimer's begin to show, and that the difficulties in diagnosis can stem from the fact that those symptoms are hidden.

Ann said: "We can appear quite normal, you can't see our problems. You can't see that more short term memory doesn't exist. You can't see that I can't read a watch. You can't see that I can't count money. You can't see that it's so difficult to figure out how to get washed and dressed in the morning."

You can register on the day for the fundraiser which starts at 11am at Heaton park with a choice of one mile or 10km distances.