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Lia 'not killed in playground accident'

Lia Green Photo:

Police investigating the death of a toddler in Preston have revealed that Lia Green died as a result of violence being inflicted upon her and not from a playground accident.

Detectives are stressing that the death remains a murder inquiry with a dedicated team of detectives.

Lia felt unwell on the morning of Thursday 30th August and at around 8:20am was taken by paramedics from her home address on Norris Street to the Royal Preston Hospital but was sadly pronounced dead on arrival.

A Post Mortem examination carried out by a Home Office pathologist shows that Lia died as a result of significant violence being inflicted upon her that caused serious injuries to her internal organs.__

The investigation is focused on finding out exactly what happened to cause Lia’s injuries and who is responsible for her death. Officers need to know where Lia was and who she was with from anytime on Tuesday 28th August to the time she died at 8:20am on Thursday 30th August.

Detective Superintendent Dermott Horrigan, who is leading the enquiry, said: “This is a murder inquiry as Lia was killed by an act of significant violence. There has been talk of a playground accident causing her death but this is simply not the case the post mortem examination has determined that this little girl did not die as a result of a fall from a swing.

“My team of officers are working around the clock to try to establish exactly what happened to Lia to cause her death and who is responsible for causing the injuries. I would appeal for anyone who has any information or who has seen Lia in the days leading up to her death to contact us.”

“This remains an incredibly complex and sensitive inquiry and we have a team of highly trained and professional officers looking into the matter. Dedicated family liaison officers are working with the family.

“We have dedicated neighbourhood policing officers working in the area and talking to residents and I would urge anyone who has any concerns to speak to them.”****

A 22 year old man and a 20 year old woman from Preston were arrested on suspicion of murder and are currently on bail until October.