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Liverpool boy gets new heart

Jack Morris in hospital following his operation Photo: Christopher Morris

A young boy from Liverpool has been found a heart, months after his parents pleaded with people to join the organ donor register.

17 month old Jack Morris from Anfield was being kept alive by an artificial heart until he had the vital surgery last week.

His mother and father had launched a national appeal to find a heart for their son.

Jack is now recovering in the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle. It is one of only two hospitals in the country which can perform heart transplants on patients so young.

He's been in hospital since March after doctors diagnosed why his breath kept stopping.

Jack has dilated cardiomyopathy which prevents oxygenated blood being pumped around the body properly.

Doctors told his family he was unlikely to survive without a new heart.

Jack's father, Christopher, says his recovery appears to be going well.

It's hoped his family could even be welcoming him home in a matter of weeks.

Find out more about organ donation at the NHS Blood and Transplant website: