1. ITV Report

North West's Meteor

A "meteror" hits the North West Photo:

The sky may be quiet now but that was not the case last night as many of you know because just before 11 o'clock a spectacular object crossed the sky. It was seen in Scotland, Northern Ireland, it crossed Granadaland, it was seen in the Midlands, but what was it? Well it could have been a meteor, a piece of rock orbiting the sun, crashing to the earth's atmosphere at 30 or 40miles a second and burnign up through friction or and this is a more likely one, a piece of an old rocket or satellite, maybe even a spy satellite, again orbiting the earth, crashing through the atmosphere, and heating up through friction with air molecules. Did any of the bits land?Well we've not had any reports yet but its not impossible. Could it have harmed us? No it was far too high up, so when you're out tonight it might be worth gazing up at the night's sky and seeing what you can see.