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Jack Straw meets Hillsborough families to apologise

Mr Straw meets Margaret Aspinall (left) and Jenny Hicks Photo: ITV

Jack Straw has met Hillsborough families to apologise for failing to expose the cover up surrounding the disaster.

An inquiry launched by Mr Straw 15 years ago missed evidence which was revealed by the Hillsborough Independent Panel 3 weeks ago.

Mr Straw met with Margaret Aspinall, who lost her son James, and Jenny Hicks, whose daughters Sarah and Vicky died on April 15th 1989.

In all 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives.

The Hillsborough panel's recent report into the lies and the cover up of what happened that day prompted an apology from David Cameron.

Jack Straw had been asked to conduct a Home Office review into the disaster in 1997. He decided instead that an independent panel should be arranged.

But the Stuart-Smith inquiry decided there was no case for a new inquiry, a conclusion for which it, and Mr Straw, were widely criticised.

Now Mr Straw has met with Jenny Hicks and Margaret Aspinall to apologise for those findings.

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