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Memorial service for 6 Second World War bomb disposal engineers

The bomb disposal unit which the 6 men served in Photo:

A memorial service for 6 bomb disposal engineers will be held at Alvaston Hall in Cheshire today. The men died while trying to diffuse a German bomb in a field near the hall in 1940, having only been partially trained.

Cheshire East Council has been trying to trace the men's relatives: Royal Engineers Sergeant Edward Greengrass, Sapper Harold Thompson, Sapper Michael Lambert, Sapper George Lucas, Sapper John Perrins and Sapper Albert Edward Fearon.

One family member, George Halton, 76, who is nephew to Sapper Fearon, was traced and found to have served in the Army for 26 years, nine of those as a bomb disposal engineer just like this uncle. The council is still looking for other relatives.

A wreath will be laid in the men's memory, and a two minute silence held.