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Woman tells police of Savile abuse when she was 15

Shamed: Sir Jimmy Savile Photo: Press Association

It has emerged a woman told Greater Manchester Police of a sexual relationship she had with Sir Jimmy Savile from the age of 15, while a second said she was groped by him in Salford when she was under 16.

The revelations come as the BBC director-general George Entwistle has asked a senior colleague to answer journalists' questions on the dropping of a documentary about Sir Jimmy Savile, who is said to have abused girls in the North West.

Another woman told Tayside Police she was targeted in the Liverpool area and two women complained to Lancashire Police about incidents when one was 14, in the 1960s, and the other 15, in the 1980s.

Ken MacQuarrie, director of BBC Scotland, will speak to journalists on the BBC's Newsnight programme about the aborted broadcast after several of them wrote to Mr Entwistle to ask why the film was not aired, a BBC spokesman confirmed.

The director-general asked Mr MacQuarrie as he was a "senior member of management" at the BBC, the spokesman added.

The BBC's reputation is increasingly under fire after an avalanche of allegations that the corporation was aware of claims about Savile's actions, but did nothing about them.

David Nicolson, who worked as a director on Jim'll Fix It, claimed to have caught Savile having sex with a girl in his dressing room, but was laughed away when he voiced his concerns, The Sun said.

Grant Shapps, chairman of the Conservative Party, told BBC1's Question Time that it "seems unimaginable" that people at the BBC were unaware of the child abuse allegations.

He said: "What happened now appears to be outrageous. It's particularly disturbing that a programme paying tribute, a three-parter, went out just last Christmas after it was already known at senior levels within the BBC that something was wrong, enough to have had a serious Newsnight programme made about it and enough to raise serious concerns.

"I do think there are definitely questions that do need answering."