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Police swoop after 'intolerable' noise from house in Fleetwood

A HOUSE in Fleetwood has been shut down by police after neighbours were plagued by loud parties and late night visitors.

The property on Warrenhurst Road is now subject to a closure order, granted by Blackpool magistrates, and will be boarded up for the next three months.

Officers from the local neighbourhood police team applied to the court for the order after receiving a catalogue of complaints from local residents about the behaviour of people who lived in and visited the property.

This included large groups hanging around outside, drinking shouting and swearing. A number of loud parties, which spilt out into the street, also resulted in brawls.

The closure order prevents anyone from entering the address for the next three months – if they do they face being arrested.

PC Vikki Merrill, Fleetwood neighbourhood police team, said: ”The anti-social behaviour associated with this property was causing neighbouring residents real problems.

''Evenings would be particularly difficult as the noise coming from the house, and from visitors out on the street, was often intolerable.

“Residents would often feel intimidated by what was going on, especially when fights broke out in the street.

''The order means that no one can go in the house for the next three months and this should go some way to alleviating the problem.

''We hope that is shows the community that we are dedicated to tackling anti-social behaviour and will take action against those who are making people’s lives a misery.”