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Pride of Britain: North West winners

Ann and Terry Panks Credit: ITV

Over the years pensioners Ann and Terry Panks have opened their home to over 1,000 desperate, homeless young men. The pair who live in Whythenshawe turned a police station into a family home to help troubled youngsters steer away from a life of crime on the streets. They take up to 10 people, referred by social services, charitable organisations or by the probation service. One man who has lived with the Panks at their home in Manchester said: "Ann and Terry are angels. Without them I don't think I would be here." The pair won the prestigious Local Hero award at a star studded bash in London last night.

Alice Pyne Credit: ITV

Also rubbing shoulders with a host of celebs Cumbrian teenager Alice Pyne.

The 16-year-old has won Teenager of Courage, for her incredible spirit and determination to help others, despite having terminal Hodgkins lymphoma.

Diagnosed with the disease when she was just 12 she became a global internet sensation with her “bucket list” of things she wanted to achieve before she dies. Earlier this year Alice completed that list - the most important thing on it for her was to get people to join the bone marrow donor register.

After campaigning whilst undergoing treatment, Alice successfully managed to get 40,000 people in the UK to sign up to the register.

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