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'Lucky' to be alive - Lucky the dog found new home after being abandoned in St Helens

Lucky has been found a loving new home Photo: Picture: RSPCA

A trapped and abandoned dog, nicknamed Lucky, has found a loving home.

St Helens Council dog welfare and enforcement officers, helped by police, had to use bolt cutters to free her from a water pumping station in Merton Bank.

The emaciated, female cross-breed had been spotted by a member of the public. She was treated by a local vet and handed over to Leigh Dogs and Cats Home.

Council officers believe the dog had been thrown over the fence into the secure compound surrounding the station.

Lucky had been abandoned in St Helens Credit: Picture: RSPCA

A spokesman for the Home said: “She's in a lovely home now and the new owners brought her back in for her second vaccination and are bringing her to be neutered here.

She has put on so much weight in her new home and follows her owner around everywhere she goes. They are completely made up with her. She has settled in really well.”

– Leigh Dog and Cats Home spokesman