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Boys injured by 'onion bomb' firework

The 10-year-old is being treated for burns at Manchester Royal Infirmary Photo: GMFRS

Three boys are being treated for burns after an ‘onion bomb’ industrial firework went off in their faces.

Fire crews say the boys, aged 10, 11 and 14, were caught in a blast from an explosive that shouldn’t be on sale to the public.

Two of the boys’ mothers are now calling for the explosive to be banned.

Vicky Stephenson, whose son Dale, 11, was one of the injured boys, said: “Fireworks should be banned. They need to stop coming into the country because they are just so dangerous.

"I don't know why anyone would give something so dangerous to a ten and 11-year-old.

"Dale is fearless and he just does whatever his mates do - but I think this will definitely have made an impact on him.

"It's half-term, he is supposed to be having fun. Now he's in hospital and he's lost all his hair – he could have lost his arm."

The mum of the 10-year-old also said: “I just don’t know how Onion Bombs and industrial fireworks can get into the wrong hands?”

Both their sons are now being treated in the burns unit at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

The mum of the 10-year-old released a picture of her son in hospital to warn others of the dangers of fireworks.

The 10-year-old is being treated for burns at Manchester Royal Infirmary Credit: GMRFS

Ms Stephenson, who is 43 and from Prestwich, said her son was out doing ‘Penny for a Guy’ with his friends.

She added: “Next thing I knew, Dale was ringing me on my mobile screaming saying a firework had exploded and he'd burnt his face. He was shouting 'firework, firework'.

"I think what's happened is that when I went to the shop they've got this firework from somewhere and lit it.”

Fire crews were called to treat the 10-year-old on Cumbrae Gardens, Salford, at around midday yesterday.

Area Manager Geoff Harris, Head of Protection at GMFRS, said: "We are extremely interested in how this firework ended up in a street where children were able to play with it.

“We need to take action and prevent further fireworks from getting into the wrong hands.

“They are not on general sale for a very good reason and we do not want anybody else getting injured."