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Former Greater Manchester detective turns actor for new ITV series

Jane Antrobus stars alongside Ben Hull in Crime Stories Photo: ITV

A former Greater Manchester Police detective has become an actor, playing a fictional detective in a new ITV drama.

Crime Stories is filmed as a fake documentary following the work of two police officers as they uncover the truth behind new crimes using interviews, CCTV and their own detective work.

Jane Antrobus retired from GMP in 2010. This is her first acting role but she says her experience in the force has helped her.

She said: "Day-to-day I can bring my experience to anything that I come across in the story. I say, ‘Hang on, that’s not quite right,’ or ‘We can make it better with this.’ So with me, as well as being one of the leads in the show, I have got the authenticity and credentials to bring another dimension to the show.

“I’ve enjoyed it very much. I'm meeting lots of interesting people, lots of famous people, and I'm actually working with them, so that is a great honour for me. I’ve never professionally acted before and I really am enjoying it, I'm picking up lots of tips.”

Each episode of the series also includes a host of guest actors, including Tina O'Brien, Natalie Cassidy and Darren Day.

The show also stars guest actors, including Tina O'Brien from Coronation Street Credit: ITV

Crime Stories is on weekdays on ITV1 at 2pm. You can catch up on ITV Player here.