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Georgia Varley trial: Train guard 'didn't realise how drunk she was'

Georgia Varley was 16 when she died at James Street underground station in Liverpool Photo: ITV

A train guard says he didn't realise how drunk one of his passengers was when he saw her moments before falling from the platform.

Christopher McGee was giving evidence at his trial at Liverpool Crown Court. He denies the manslaughter of Georgia Varley, 16, and an alternative charge of failing to ensure the health and safety of his passengers.

Georgia, who had been seen falling over after drinking two thirds of a bottle of vodka at a party, died at James Street underground station in Liverpool in October 2011. CCTV footage shows the teenager leaning on the carriage exterior as the train pulled out from the station.

Georgia can be seen leaning against the train as it pulled out of the station Credit: Merseyrail

Speaking on the first day of defence evidence, Mr McGee, 45 from Wallasey, was asked if he saw Georgia as he carried out his safety checks.

"I must have done," he said. "I thought she was talking through the window. It's not unusual."

Defence barrister Peter Birkett QC asked if he saw any reason not to start the train."Not at the time. No," he replied. "I didn't think she was as drunk as what she was."

Cross-examined by the prosecution, Nicholas Johnson QC asked what state he thought Georgia was in."I didn't think she was in a worse state than anyone else on the train," he answered.

Asked if he would have dispatched the train if he was being assessed at the time, he replied that he probably would not."You would have failed your assessment wouldn't you?" asked Mr Johnson. "Yes," replied Mr McGee.

The case continues.

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