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Body of David Guilfoyle found

Police have found the body of a man missing for six years after his killer Shane Fitzpatrick divulged where he id the body.

David Guilfoyle, 37, of Accrington, was murdered by Fitzpatrick at his home in May 2005 but his body has never been found. Fitzpatrick, 42, of Hapton, was convicted of murder in July 2006 and jailed for life.

Officers say 'we have always remained hopeful that Shane Fitzpatrick would reveal where David's body is, despite extensive enquiries and searches, we have never, until now, been able to find it'.

Following information divulged by Shane Fitzpatrick that he had buried David's body at Admiral's Wood, searches commenced on Saturday 3rd November and a body was found on the afternoon of Friday, November 9th.

Following a post mortem examination carried out this afternoon (Tuesday, November 13th) we can confirm that the body found during those searches has now been identified as that of David Guilfoyle.

This development means that David's body can now be returned to his family and they can finally bury him with the dignity that he deserves.