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Toddlers compete at BMX Championships in Manchester

It's hoped the success of British cyclists will inspire the next generation of cyclists Photo: PA Images

Hundreds of toddlers and their parents are competing in the Strider World Cup at Manchester's National Cycling Centre. The event - which is the biggest balance bike race of it's kind in the UK - will bring together children aged from 18 months to 5 years-old will be bringing r to ride and race no-pedal bikes over the stunning National Cycling Centre BMX track.

The event was scheduled as a result of the organisers being inundated with enquiries from children and their parents about returning to the venue with a major event. 5 year old Mae Robinson from Manchester who raced at the first Strider World Cup event, said: "It was brilliant - I can't wait to race my balance bike over the bumps again!"

Eileen Robinson, Mae's mum, added: "There really is nothing else like it out there for this age of child. All of the kids had such a great time at the last event flying over the bumps and racing against their friends - it was simply an amazing day and I can't wait to take May back again!"

The event is designed to inspire the next generation of British cyclists to get out and explore the world on two wheels in an exciting, fun and safe environment.

"We're proud to not only be a centre-of-excellence for Strider riders in the UK with our Strider coaching sessions but to also to host amazing events like the Strider UK World Cup. The whole team can't stop talking about the little riders - it's created a huge vibe around the venue."

– Nicola O'Neill, National Cycling Centre