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New powers to investigate Hillsborough

The police watchdog will be given the power to force serving officers to attend interviews as it carries out a probe into the alleged cover-up after the Hillsborough disaster, in which 96 Liverpool fans died.

Home Secretary Theresa May has published fast-track legislation to give the body more investigative powers as it carries out the largest inquiry ever into police conduct in the UK.

The new rules mean the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) will be able to compel serving officers or staff on other police bodies to attend an interview.

It will also have the ability to re-investigate matters already considered by its predecessor the Police Complaints Authority, in "exceptional circumstances".

A Home Office spokesman said: "The Home Secretary gave a commitment to ensuring that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has the powers and resources to carry out its investigation into the Hillsborough disaster.

"The Police Complaints and Conduct Bill published today strengthens the powers available to the IPCC, by allowing it to compel serving officers and civilian employees of a police force to attend an interview as witnesses.

"It also allows the IPCC to decide to investigate, in exceptional circumstances, a matter previously investigated by its predecessor, the Police Complaints Authority.

"These powers are being introduced as a matter of urgency at the request of the IPCC to allow it to carry out a thorough, transparent and exhaustive investigation into Hillsborough."