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New court date set for Moors Murderer Ian Brady

Ian Brady Photo: Press Association

A date has been fixed for the Moors Murderer Ian Brady to try to prove his case to be moved to a prison in Scotland, where he aims to end his life.

The Mental Health Tribunal will be held on Monday June 17 next year at Ashworth High Security Hospital in Merseyside, where Brady has been on hunger strike for 12 years.

It will be relayed to the Civil Justice Centre in Manchester for members of the public and media to watch the proceedings.

The hearing was due to be held in July this year but had to be cancelled after Brady, who is 74, suffered a seizure and fractured his spine.

Myra Hindley Credit: Press Association

It was decided at the time that no hearing could take place without Brady present.

Brady and Myra Hindley murdered four children and a teenager in the 1960s, burying most of the bodies on Saddleworth Moor.

Hindley died a decade ago aged 60.

In recent years Brady has wanted to convince the authorities he is now sane.

Were he to prove his case, it would mean moving from a high security wing at Ashworth Hospital to a prison in Scotland, where he believes he could decline his current regime of being fed through a tube and end his life..