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North West kindness saves Christmas for Christina

Christina Hewitt is 87 and battling lung cancer. Despite that she'd still managed to buy presents for her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. But that didn't stop callous thieves breaking in and taking the lot from her home in Blackley as well as £1000 of her savings.

Mrs Hewitt told me she has no idea what the full extent of the burglary is as she's not had the energy to check her things properly. The break in left her devastated.

"I don't want to be here anymore," she cried. But despite all that, this isn't a sad story it's one celebrating human kindness thanks to our lovely Granada Reports viewers.

Christina Hewitt was devastated the day after she was burgled Credit: ITV Granada

After we aired Mrs Hewitt's story we were inundated with calls, emails and Facebook messages asking how people could get involved and help. A few even took it upon themselves to put collections together and one staff member at a shoe company spotted an empty box in her ransacked room and asked the boss if they could help.

They even made the 45 minute journey from Skelmersdale with bags upon bags of presents; even more than she had before.

The cavalry from 'Hotter Shoes' arrive with bags of goodies Credit: ITV

Upon opening the door to see members of the community ladened down with gifts the pensioner broke down in tears, but instead of wishing death upon herself, today she cried, "Not everybody's bad are they?"

She continued, "It goes to show there are some good people out there."

Sarah Rogers speaks to Christina Hewitt following the generosity of Granada Reports viewers Credit: ITV Granada

When I spoke to those who turned up with gifts, their main message was to let Mrs Hewitt know people cared, a few had shed a tear when they'd heard her talking about 'not wanting to be here anymore.' So at this time of family sharing and caring and all that they wanted to reach out to a total stranger to improve her life a little bit more.

Another surprise from Northwards Housing Credit: ITV

To anyone who donated I can tell you Mrs Hewitt was truly overwhelmed and grateful adding, "I've never been lucky, I've never even won a raffle."

She made me promise to thank everyone who put so much as a penny into a donation. "I want to write to everybody" she said. I told her she'd been writing letters until next Christmas! So I said I'd write this on her behalf, so thank you and Merry Christmas.

Oh and just incase you're wondering, there's extra security on Mrs Hewitt's house now, the police have been popping around daily and those presents are being kept very safe until they can be delivered on Christmas day.

See the video report below:

To donate gifts to Mrs Hewitt, please contact Northwards Housing.