1. ITV Report

Thousands turn out to celebrate New Year's Eve in Manchester. A local businessman paid for a firework display.

Fireworks in Albert Square, Manchester last night. Photo: Roy Fallon

The night was hailed as a huge success and the firework display was paid for by Gary Gore a businessman from the City who stepped in after the council cancelled last year's display due to cuts. Councillor Pat Karney said: "It was one of those great Manchester nights and we've got to make sure this becomes an annual tradition for the city.

"The crowd was sensational and I want to thank everyone who came out, took part in the dancing, and made it such a great party atmosphere and I want to assure them that we'll be back next year."

Mr Gore said: "I love Manchester and being part of the city and I was so proud to have been able to help put this on for the people."

The evening saw the crowds perform their own version of the Gangnam style dance.