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Dial 999, I think the dog's got a temperature

North West ambulance service said it was "disappointing" to receive inappropriate 999 calls on New Year's Eve including a request to take a dog's temperature.

In total 2265 emergency calls were received - one every 10 seconds during the night.

Of the thousands of calls, the service responded to 546 calls to serious or life threatening incidents, a similar figure to last year.

Some of the emergencies included two people reported in the sea in Blackpool, at least 17 serious assaults, two firework injuries and numerous road accidents.

But despite pleas to the public to only dial 999 in a genuine emergency, inappropriate calls were still received.

Derek Cartwright, Director of Emergency Service at NWAS, said the increased demand was matched by increased resources.

He said: “The service always expects a high increase in demand during this time; however we anticipate this surge and managed it appropriately by increasing resources.

"This included an additional 13 Rapid Response vehicles, more than 50 extra Emergency

Ambulances and extra staff within the Trust’s three Emergency Control Centres.

Derek continued: “All our staff worked very hard both in control rooms managing emergency calls,deploying vehicles, and frontline crews tending to patients.

“It is their dedication and commitment that enables us to continue to deliver excellent service to the people of the North West – a fact that I am sure the general public will recognise.

"I would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and commitment.

“We will continue to push the message about acting responsibly and the importance of keeping ambulances free to attend to those patients with a genuine medical need.

“The Trust would also like wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2013.”