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Black and white TV still top choice for hundreds in the region

Hundreds in North West have a penchant for black and white Photo: /AP/Press Association Images

It's an age in which TV viewers can watch their favourite shows on demand in HD, 3D, on a plasma or a flatscreen to name but a few. However, it seems the technological revolution has bypassed hundreds of people in the North West who prefer to watch black and white.

The television licensing authority have revealed today more than 13,000 UK households are still watching in monochrome despite the switch to digital.

The main advantage of course is the cost, a black and white licence costs £49 compared to £145.50 if you have a colour set. Manchester has the third highest number in the UK with 413, Liverpool came fifth with 185.

A spokesman for TV Licensing, the body that the BBC contracts to collect the fee, said the figure was "remarkable" in the digital-only era.