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Five jailed after Liverpool dad stabbed to death

All five were found guilty of murder and conspiracy to rob Photo: Merseyside Police

The ex-girlfriend of a man stabbed to death during an attempted robbery has been jailed along with four others for his murder.

The gang of five have been locked up for a total of 129 years for killing dad David Corridon. The 32 year old was knifed six times at his mum's home on New Hall Lane in February last year.

Maureen Smith, David’s former partner and mother of their two children, plotted with her sister Kelly Smith and ‘fixer’ Tyrone Griffiths to rob Mr Corridon of money believed to be hidden in his loft.

Griffiths arranged for brothers Willis and Nicholas Nelson to do the job with the gang all planning to take a share of the cash – believed to be around £40,000.

The gang dragged him around the house searching for money and during his ordeal a friend of Corridon who was in the house as the men burst in managed to escape and raise the alarm.

David Corridon

Maureen Smith and her sister Kelly Smith will serve 23 and 22 years respectively.

Brothers Nicholas Nelson and Willis Nelson and third man Tyrone Griffiths, must serve a minimum of 28 years in prison.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Bickley, who led the investigation into David’s murder said:

"This was a despicable and cowardly attack on a man that resulted in his death. There is no place in our communities for people who commit such violent and horrendous crimes.

"The sentencing of Maureen Smith, Kelly Smith, Nicholas Nelson, Tyrone Griffiths and Willis Nelson today should bring home to them the enormity of what they have done and the pain and heartache they have caused David’s family and friends and our thoughts are with them today.

"This has been one of the most complex and challenging murder investigations I, and many of my team, have ever been involved in. I would like to thank the team and the Crown Prosecution Service for their professionalism and commitment throughout this investigation and for their hard work in bringing this case to court.”