1. ITV Report

Nearly three hundred drink drivers caught over Christmas

It has been revealed by police that 281 people were caught drink driving in Lancashire over the Christmas period.

Officers tested 18,964 drivers in December, with 274 people (1.4%) failing the test and seven people (0.04%) refusing to provide a specimen.

The annual crackdown by police saw high-profile enforcement across Lancashire at all times of day.

Supt Richard Morgan said: “This year we have tested more drivers than ever as part of the campaign. We have had a huge focus on finding those responsible for flouting the law.

“The number of people caught drink driving or refusing to provide a specimen has increased this year, which is indicative of our approach to better targeting of offenders.

“However it does highlight that perhaps some motorists are becoming complacent and taking chances.

“We are committed to reducing the number of people injured and killed on our roads and it is worrying that there are still motorists that are getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.”