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Police memorial plaques to be moved as force relocates

Plaques commemorating Greater Manchester Police officers who have lost their lives on duty will be removed as work continues to decommission the force's old headquarters.

The removal of the plaques is part of the decommissioning process for Chester House, which served as GMP headquarters for 33 years and is due to be closed down.

Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy said: "As we complete the move out of Chester House it is really important that we maintain the memory of fallen colleagues who gave their lives in the service of the public.

"The response to the tragic deaths of Fiona and Nicola showed how locally people have great respect for the self-sacrifice of police officers and they will want to see the recognition maintained.

"Time moves on and the headlines fade, but the sudden loss of a loved one sadly remains constantly fresh for the family involved."

The first Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester, Tony Lloyd, said: "When police officers give their lives in the line of duty, we always commit to never forget that they gave their lives to keep us safe.

"Making sure these plaques are rehoused in a prominent place is part of that commitment.

"We will never forget their sacrifice and we will never forget the service of those that we honour once again in this ceremony."

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