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Inquest into death of a man who was tasered by police

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The inquest into the death of a bodybuilder, who was tasered by police, is continuing in Kendal.

Dale was a "big bundle of fun who wanted to love everybody and be loved back" said his mother. "He was no harm to anybody."

Lisa Marie Wilson says her relationship with Dale was "on and off" due to "trust issues". But the pair decided to have a baby together.

Ms Wilson says her ex-partner took anabolic steroids and growth hormones. She also discovered he used ecstasy while working as a bouncer.

She said their daughter "loved spending time with him", but Ms Wilson banned contact when she learned he attempted suicide.

The inquest then heard that a family court prevented Dale from seeing his daughter, while he underwent tests over his mental health and drug use.

Ms Wilson told the inquest she heard from friends that Dale was "hallucinating" in the months before his death.

Another of Dale Burns' ex-partners, Sarah Kaverne, told the inquest that drugs made him "paranoid" and made him think he was under surveillance.

Ms Kaverne told the jurors that Dale would get "very hot and sweaty, twitchy, and would struggle to speak" because of the drug abuse.

Ms Kaverne told police that Dale had been "aggressive" and "irrational". She also saw him take drugs while caring for their child.

The inquest was then shown images of Dale Burns' wrecked bathroom. The same room where he was found agitated and half naked the day he died.

On the day he died, Dale accused Ms Kaverne of "having his money". She told the jurors she believed he was under the influence of drugs.

Dale's attempted suicide in June 2010 left him "remorseful" and "not himself" according to Sarah Kaverne. She said she called the police to get him help.

Ms Kaverne told the jurors she believes he damaged the room during a paranoid episode; breaking fittings while looking for those "watching him."

She added that Dale used to believe that she was "in the cavity walls", keeping surveillance on him all the time.

The lawyer for Cumbria Police argued Ms Kaverne couldn't be sure Dale damaged his bathroom due to his paranoia. She said it's her "opinion".

Gym-owner Stan Dewhurst was the next witness at the inquest into the death of the tasered bodybuilder.

Mr Dewhurst told the court that Dale was a "gentle giant" and that "everybody like him". He was aware he took anabolic steroids.

The gym-owner said the drugs improved Dale's physique, but didn't change him mentally. He also knew he was taking other drugs.

Jurors heard Dale's demeanour changed through drugs.

"The main effect was paranoia," said Stan Dewhurst. "He thought my computer was bugged."

The inquest continues.

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