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Doctor stabbed and run over by masked gang in Liverpool

CCTV captured Dr Dharmana being attacked by a masked gang Photo:

A doctor from Liverpool has returned to work after being stabbed and run over outside his surgery in a robbery by a masked gang.

Dr Srinivas Rao Dharmana was closing the surgery in Walton for the day on Wednesday when he was attacked by the gang, who demanded his Rolex watch and car keys.

Dr Dharmana's surgery in Liverpool Credit: Andy Bonner

As the doctor struggled with the gang, he was stabbed twice.

One of the robbers then hit Dr Dharmana before the gang drove his black Audi TT at him.

He was thrown on to the bonnet as he tried to stop them getting away just after 7pm.

The dad of two from Hightown now hopesCCTV will help police track down the gang.