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Salford charity funding childhood cancer drug research

A Salford-based charity, KidsCan, has provided funding for a research collaboration between the University of Salford and University of Manchester.

It's funding a study in which scientists claim to have identified a new class of drug in the fight against childhood cancer.

The drug is said to act by causing healthy cells to surround cancerous cells and make those cells behave normally by taking control of them.

KidsCan Founder and Scientific Director, Professor Alan McGown, said: “While we have made major leaps over the past decade in the diagnosis and treatment of children with cancer, the disease remains a major cause of death in children.

“Our strong collaborations with a range of leading figureheads in the research community, have enabled KidsCan to fund vital research that offers hope for the future to families struck by the disease.

"We have a dedicated and experienced team of scientists who continue to identify revolutionary approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in children, and we thank our supporters for enabling this fight to continue.”