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From the Heart: Waiting on the organ donor register

Ron Burrows from Southport Photo: ITV Granada

It is a sobering statistic that three people die every single day here in the UK just waiting for an organ transplant.

What is so sad is that that figure could be drastically reduced if there were more people on the organ donor register.

One of the saddest stories I've heard while filming this series is that of Philomena Burrows.

She'd been ill for seven years and was on the waiting list for a new kidney, but sadly her time ran out and shenever got that life-saving call to say they'd found her an organ.

Philomena Burrows Credit: ITV Granada

She died exactly a year ago leaving her grieving family to ask why.

They believe, had there been more people on the organ donor register, she may have been given that second chance at life.

I met Philomena's widower Ron who was visibly moved telling the story of what that was like just waiting for a transplant that never came.

Mel Barham with Ron Burrows Credit: ITV Granada

He admits that neither he or his children had ever signed up to the donor register.

They, like many people in the UK, say it never crossed their mind, and they didn't even knew how to sign up.

It's only when it happens to you that many people even think about it.

Ron says his wife would have been delighted to think that people listening to her story may decide to sign up.

"I can understand the hesitancy of people but when you look at it its about the best thing you could ever do with what's left of you.

And if it just saved one person's life it's massive isn't it?"

– Ron Burrows

It's too late for Ron and his family. But with every new name added to the donor register, there is that extra chance that someone like Philomena could be saved.

If you've been touched by Ron's story, please sign up to the donor register. It's quick, and easy - and you could even save lives. Just go to

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