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Inedible bedroom for boy who can't resist eating wall plaster

A boy with a rare condition, meaning he can't resist eating wall plaster, has been given a unique birthday present - an inedible bedroom.

Zach Tahir, 6, from Salford gnawed through the walls of his last bedroom. The youngster suffers from the rare condition Pica, which causes him to crave inedible objects, including stones, paper and moss.

Zach chewed through inedible objects such as carpet Credit: ITV Granada

Zach’s mum, Rachel Horn, launched an appeal to build her son a new bedroom last year when it emerged he was even gnawing at the wall-plaster, curtains and carpets.

And the pair are now celebrating after Zach finally moved in to his ‘inedible room’ which has a range of safety features – and even two cameras so Rachel can keep an eye on her son.

Zach and his mum Rachel in their new bedroom Credit: ITV Granada

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