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New research reveals high child poverty in North West

Nearly half of all children in Manchester Central and more than 1 in 3 in Liverpool are living in poverty, according to new research by the Campaign to End Child Poverty.

Four north west constituencies are in the top 20 parliamentary constituencies for the highest level of child poverty in the UK: Manchester Central (1st), Liverpool Riverside (6th), Manchester Blackley (9th) and Manchester Gorton (15th).

The highest level of child poverty, according to the study, is in Manchester Central Credit: Press Association

Three north west local authorities are in the top 20 for the regions with the highest child poverty: Manchester (2nd), Liverpool (8th) and Knowsley (12th).

The campaign's map reveals that the worst affected constituency in the UK is Manchester Central, where 47% of children are classed as living in poverty, just ahead of Belfast West and Glasgow North East where the figure is 43%. 33% of children in Liverpool are living in poverty, according to the report.

"These figures show almost half of children in Manchester and many families across the north west are living in poverty and their life chances risk being compromised by our nation's failure to tackle child poverty effectively."

– Paul Wilcox, Assistant director Barnardo's North West

The figures reveal the wide disparity in poverty rates across the UK and within regions. In the North West, whereas 38% of children in Manchester are poor, in nearby Ribble Valley the figure is just 7%.

The campaign is made up of more than 150 organisations, including children's charity Barnardo's.

The new report and data provides a child poverty map of the UK and North West England and a full data set showing the child poverty rate for every ward, local authority and constituency.