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Ancient Worlds: Mummy exhibition in Manchester

Over the years ,The Manchester Museum’s famous collection of mummies, housed in the Ancient Worlds Galleries has intrigued generations of visitors, academics and experts alike.

Mummy at the museum Credit: ITV Granada

This year some the museum’s team decided to delve even further into the past and try to uncover the mysteries which have surrounded the mummies and joined forces with Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Mummy scan Credit: ITV Granada

A selection of mummies were carefully transported to the hospital where they were CT scanned, in the evening to ensure that there was no disruption to the hospital’s service.

The X-ray techniques can provide clear pictures of the historical treasures inside the casks, without risking damage by opening them up.

Mummy scanned at Manchester Childrens' Hospital Credit: ITV Granada

Ancient Worlds reveals the people and the stories behind the objects, bringing them to life.

The museum says the galleries will give a sense of how we find out about people in the past through the things they left behind, using 'guides' to personalise the stories.

“Mummies have been x-rayed in the past, but this is the first time that we’ve used such advanced technology to perform a complete body scan."

"This is a fantastically exciting project for the team and our visitors and supporters. Who knows what secrets will be uncovered from thousands of years ago as a result of the scans!”

– Dr Campbell Price

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