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Find The Missing: Paul Fahy

Paul Fahy Photo: Family photo

Imagine waking to wonder where one of your loved ones is; to wonder why they don’t get in touch; to wonder if they will ever come home.

For thousands of families, every morning is just like that, as they have relatives who vanished into thin air. It triggers a state of continual search, where the each ring of the doorbell or phone brings a broken promise of reunion.

All this week, we’re helping people across the North West who are trying to find a missing relative. People like Daniel Kaid from Liverpool. His father, Paul Fahy, disappeared after a hospital visit in February 2002. He’s missed more than a decade of family life, during which he’s become a grandfather.

Paul Fahy Credit: Family photo

Daniel recalls the day when, aged 8, he was told Paul had gone. He asked relative after relative for the reason why, but none could give him an answer. Even today, no one in the family can think of any reason why Paul would leave and never return.

Now an adult, Daniel told me how he has spent years trying to find his father, and do something with his life that will make him proud should he return. He knows there’s no suggestion that Paul has come to harm, so he holds tight to the belief he is alive somewhere.

“Even if he’s enjoying life now, at least one phone call would let us know he’s alright”. The simplest of wishes, from the most important of calls.

If you think you have seen Paul Fahy, or want to get a message home to searching relatives, call the Missing People Helpline on 116 000. The call is free and confidential.

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