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Comedian walks free from court as footballer alter-ego

Comedian Simon Brodkin Photo: Ann O'Connor/ITV News

Comedian Simon Brodkin walked free from court today after being arrested for going onto the Everton pitch and 'warming up' with his Manchester City heroes.

The 35-year-old comic, who plays footballer Jason Bent in a BBC3 comedy show, appeared at North Liverpool Justice Centre after being charged by Merseyside police following his stunt at Goodison Park last month.

Brodkin, who's from London, said in court that he apologised for what was intended to be a funny, and not disruptive episode.

He was given a caution and banned from attending any football matches for the rest of the season.

Simon Brodkin as his alter-ego Jason Bent (right) Credit: Ann O'Connor/ITV News

Outside court he appeared as his alter-ego Jason Bent, complete with blonde WAG by his side, and issued a statement.

I’ve got a lot of people I want to thank. Crystal, who’s been there for me every step of the way ever since we met in the hotel last night.

Thanks also to the judge, who was sat on the bench but unfortunately didn’t get a game.

And finally, thanks to all the supporters who’ve been incredible.

Every time I see a shirt with ‘Bent 9’ on the back I think ‘wow, that’s seven quid for me’.

– Simon Brodkin's alter-ego Jason Bent

He was asked if he was mocking the court and the police by making jokes about his court appearance.

The comic, who's a qualified doctor, refused to answer questions from journalists.