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Man jailed for 10 years after police hit and run

Wayne Crompton Photo: Police

A man who deliberately drove a car at two police officers, hospitalising both of them, has been jailed. Wayne Crompton, 36, of Whitefield, pleaded guilty to two counts of section 18 assault, dangerous driving, aggravated taking without consent, driving while disqualified and driving with no insurance at an earlier hearing.

At about 10.50pm on Sunday 24th February, the two response officers were on a routine patrol in the Harpurhey area when they saw a red Hyundai driving on the wrong side of the road. The officers turned their police car around and began to track the Hyundai.

Eventually the officers caught up with the offending car which pulled into the kerbside near the Happy Shopper convenience store.

Scene of the hit and run in Harpurhey Credit: ITV Granada

Crompton was driving and was the only person inside the car. One of the officers got out and began to approach the driver’s door, at which point Crompton put the car into reverse and deliberately hit the officer with the car, knocking him to the ground unconscious.

The second officer then got out. However, as he went to the front of the Hyundai, Crompton drove off, launching the officer over the bonnet of the car before speeding off down Rochdale Road.

At the time, Crompton was disqualified from driving having been given a six-month driving ban in November 2012. He had also been charged with driving while disqualified on 4 December 2012. He was given court bail but failed to turn up for his scheduled court appearance in February and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

"Only Crompton knows what possessed him to react in such a dangerous way. He may well have panicked knowing that he was already banned from driving and was wanted by the police, and in a moment of stupidity deliberately drove at these two officers to flee the scene.

"As a result, the two officers sustained injuries and needed hospital treatment. This clearly caused their families a great deal of anxiety and distress but thankfully they are both now recovering well at home."

– Detective Inspector Mark Tootill

Both officers received treatment in hospital. One of the officers sustained an injury to his arm while the other suffered three fractures to his skull. Both have been discharged and are now making recoveries at home.

Crompton was jailed for 10 years at Manchester Crown Court today. He must serve more than six and a half years before being eligible for consideration for parole.