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Man jailed after hiding syringe in supermarket loaf

David Rodgers Photo:

A man has been jailed after hiding a syringe in a loaf of bread at a Tesco in Lancashire.

A horrified customer made the discovery after purchasing the loaf at Tesco Extra, Pendlebury Way, Pendlebury back in December.

The the packet was opened and the customer took out two slices of bread to make a sandwich for her young son. Later that day another sandwich was made and something hard was felt in the bread.

When she looked at it, she realised it was a hypodermic needle.The supplier was informed and police were called.

Following forensic examinations of the syringe, a blood DNA profile was gathered which identified Salford man David Rodgers.

He was arrested and admitted he had put the needle in the loaf but did notknow what his intention was. Rodgers pleaded guilty to product contamination and was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

Detective Inspector Chris Mossop said: “Obviously the person was shocked to find a syringe inside a loaf of bread but thankfully they were not hurt.

“This was an isolated incident and no one else was affected. We worked very closely with Tesco and the suppliers and thanks to the good work carried out by all, Rogers was arrested and brought to justice."We have demonstrated that a complete disregard for safety, whether anyone has been injured or not, will be looked down upon and acted on by the courts."