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Manchester MP Lucy Powell warns Anti-Social Behaviour is still a problem

Manchester Central Labour MP Lucy Powell Photo: ITV Granada Reports

Lucy Powell MP warns Government that Anti-Social Behaviour is still a problem as Manchester and Greater Manchester top the list of worst hit areas**

Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell has urged the Government not to scrap the ASBO and called for faster action to help tackle anti-social behaviour after figures released today showed that both Manchester and Greater Manchester top the list of reports of anti-social behaviour incident per resident.

A detailed breakdown obtained by Freedom of Information Requests from Shadow Home Office Minister Gloria De Piero and research by statisticians from the House of Commons Library has revealed new figures, which show that in Manchester local authority there were 52,950 anti-social behaviour incidents recorded by the police in 2012.

This means on average there were 105.2 anti-social behaviour incidents per 1,000 people in Manchester in 2012, making Manchester the most affected local authority.

The figures are just as worrying across Greater Manchester, with Greater Manchester Police force area again topping the list with 229,714 recorded incidents of anti-social behaviour in 2012, an average of 85.6 anti-social behaviour incidents per 1,000 people.

Lucy Powell MP for Manchester Central said;

“Anti-social behaviour is a serious problem in the country and as the figures show, particularly here in Manchester.

“The figures show why it is ridiculous for the Government to consider turning the clock back with their plans to scrap the ASBO and replace it with a weaker power which carries no criminal sanction for a breach. The Government’s community trigger, which demands a response if a person has complained three times just isn’t good enough.”

“It is communities like ours in Manchester which suffer when crime increases and I know from talking to my constituents that the last thing they want is for the Police to have less power to deal with anti-social behaviour. I worry that we will see crime getting worse as a result of the Government’s plans and I will be writing to the Home Secretary asking her to think again.”