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Wigan mother sets up deaf children's charity

Kayden Carden Photo: ITV Granada

The mother of a 2-year-old boy from Wigan who was born deaf, has set up a charity to help support other families.

There are more than 45 thousand deaf children in the UK. As part of Deaf awareness week the Wigan and Leigh Deaf Children's Society is offering advice on how to communicate with those with a hearing difficulty.Amy Welch reports (transcript below)

When Kayden Carden was born his parents had no idea he couldn't hear.

Kayden's mother Jodie Telford says "Everything was a good, a good preganancy. A good birth and everything. I ended up having an emergency ceaesarian, the day after he was born we did a newborn hearing screening test and he failed that."

More test revealed he was profoundly deaf.

"I was devastated, there's no other way to describe it. When you've no idea about hearing loss and someone tells you your child will never hear, it's devastating"

Kayden's mother learnt sign language but soon realised there was very little suppport available.

With the help of other mums she set up the Wigan and Leigh deaf children's society- supporting families in the same situation.

"When i started researching properly, I realised hearing aids and hearing loss is as good as wearing glasses."

Kayden's now got a Cochlear implant which has dramatically improved his hearing.

His mum says deafness shouldn't be a barrier and Kayden certainly seems to agree.

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