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Police praise public after quiet TT 'Mad Sunday'

The TT Races take part on the island's famous roads Photo: Paul Crone, ITV Granada

Police on the Isle of Man have praised the public and motorists on the island after what's traditionally the busiest day of the TT Festival passed without a major incident.

Officers on the island said there were only four collisions on 'Mad Sunday', a day when any member of the public can ride the famous Mountain Road.

Inspector Derek Flint of the Isle of Man Constabulary said: "What we experienced on Sunday was in fact quite remarkable. We only recorded four collisions all day. Even with the races taking up the afternoon, none of us can remember anything similar in recent memory.

"What we did see was good standards, respect for speed limits in the main, and people really heeding the message to know their limits."

The force also praised public for abiding by drink drive laws. Inspector Flint added: "This morning there are nine in the cells, of which five are visitors, for a variety of offences based around alcohol. There were again, no drink drivers, which was pleasing to see."