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Ian Brady's hearing gets underway

Ian Brady Photo: Greater Manchester Police

The Moors Murderer Ian Brady is appearing at a hearing which will decide if he can be transferred to a prison to die.

The child killer has appeared on a court camera, the first occasion he has been seen and heard in public since his trial alongside partner Myra Hindley 47 years ago.

The pair were convicted of murdering 12 year old John Kilbride, Lesley Ann Downey, 10, and Edward Evans who was 17 and then burying their bodies on Saddleworth Moor.

Years later they admitted killing 12 year old Keith Johnson and Pauline Reade, 16. Pauline's body was found after Brady and Hindley returned to the Moors to help with a police search in 1987. Keith's remains remain undiscovered.

Brady's Mental Health Tribunal is taking place at the high-security Ashworth Hospital on Merseyside where he is a patient. The proceedings are being relayed by video-link to a court in Manchester.

Brady has been on hunger strike for 12 years and is currently being fed through a tube in his nose having being registered insane. He wants to be moved to prison where he would be able to refuse treatment.

The tribunal, which is scheduled for more than a week, had been set to take place year but was postponed when 75 year old Brady suffered a seizure.

Brady were both sentenced to life for their crimes at Chester Assizes in 1966.

Hindley died in prison aged 60 in 2002.

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