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Barton Road Bridge stuck open in hot weather

Barton Road Bridge stuck open Photo: MEN Syndication

A road bridge in Manchester became stuck open after expanding in hot weather, forcing fire fighters to hose it with water to cool it down.

The metal of Barton Road Bridge expanded in the heat, meaning that as rush hour approached, the two halves of the bridge wouldn't together.

The two halves of the bridge wouldn't fit as it expanded in heat Credit: MEN Syndication

Firefighters were called and hosed down the bridge with cold water for over an hour before it cooled enough to close.

Motorists were forced to find another route home.

Firefighters hosed the bridge down Credit: MEN Syndication

Joel Goodman's video shows the moment the bridge finally swung closed after firefighters cooled it down with hoses.

Firefighters inspect the bridge after hosing it down to allow it to close Credit: MEN Syndication