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Shadow Health Secretary: "I know that I did everything that I needed to do to ensure safety in the NHS."

The Leigh MP Andy Burnham has defended his record as Health Secretary.

Mr Burnham, who was the Secretary of State between June 2009 and May 2010, looks set to be criticised by the Conservatives over his time in office.

It comes as three North West hospital trusts are preparing for tough criticism with the publication of a key government report looking at above average death rates.

The Keogh Report is likely to detail failings at 14 trusts in England including Blackpool, Tameside and East Lancashire.

It's expected to describe poor care, medical errors and management blunders, suggesting the Stafford hospital scandal was not a one-off.

Now Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham told ITV Granada Reports he did everything he needed to do to ensure safety in the NHS and did raise warnings while in office.