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Fletcher worried about possibility of Rooney departure

Fletcher has admitted being worried about the possibility of Rooney leaving. Photo: PA

Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher has admitted to being worried about the possibility of Wayne Rooney leaving the club.

His fears come after the Premier League Champions rejected a second bid from rivals Chelsea, thought to be worth £30million for the striker.

Fletcher is concerned with United becoming weaker should the striker leave. He said: "It's not the type of thing I have asked him. You do worry he might leave because he's a fantastic football player.

"I hope he stays because he has been fantastic for Manchester United and a big part of all we have achieved in the last nine, 10 years since I have been in the squad.

"In that respect I hope he stays and we achieve more things together for United."

Fletcher’s concern could be warranted. While Rooney’s future is in doubt United are yet to make any big name signings as yet, having had two bids for Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas come to nothing.

While the club appears to be low on incoming transfers, rivals Manchester City and Chelsea have been much busier.

Chelsea have brought in six new players and City are thought to have spent around £87million on the likes of Fernandinho and Jesus Navas, amongst others.

All this could mean that United’s challengers are more prepared than ever to take on the champions in the new season.

Fletcher however, who is currently fighting a recurring stomach problem called ulcerative colitis, says that United supporters should not be anxious.

"We're talking about the English champions so it can't be too much of a concern," he said.

"So if we don't sign anyone I fully believe we have the capabilities in the squad to achieve the success we want."