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Liverpool Mayor hopes for end to council strike

Bins in the city centre have been overflowing Photo: ITV Granada

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson says he's hopeful a meeting with unions will mean a strike that's left the city streets strewn with rubbish, can be brought to an end.

Council workers are in dispute over pay and job security, street cleaners and maintenance staff staged a walkout on Friday, while refuse collectors have been working to rule, meaning many residents have not had their bins collected.

The GMB and Unite unions are in dispute with out sourcing firm Amey

In a statement Joe Anderson said: "I am extremely disappointed that this dispute has left residents with no bin collection on their normal days and disappointed too that businesses and the look of our City has suffered as a result.

"I have spent the last 24 hours talking to both parties both the Unions and Amey. The Unions have concerns which have now been addressed. They have now agreed to put forward proposals brokered by me for ending the dispute."

Bins were not collected Credit: ITV Granada

The statement continued: "They will put the proposals to their members tomorrow for there agreement. I am hopeful that the dispute will be settled amicably and I have given my assurance that I will be involved in developing and moving things forward.

"Both sides have made concessions and I believe we now have a package that can be accepted by both parties.

"I regret that the dispute has caused so much inconvenience and damage, I want to assure residents that I will do everything to ensure that What happened in our City centre over the weekend will not happen again. I want normal service to be resumed as quick as possible and I believe the contractor Amey and the Unions want the same it is the responsibility of us all to make that happen."