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First real taste of Autumn on Sunday

Sunday: Steady and persistent rain will be accompanied by strong and gusty winds Photo:

Sunshine is in short supply as we head towards the weekend - with a real taste of Autumn by the time we get to Sunday.

As far as the weekend goes a slightly drier spell is expected for Saturday - but this will not last long. Sunday looks like our first day where a real Autumn spell is set to visit.

Low pressure to the north of the UK will feed weather fronts our way. Strong winds and steady rain will move into the region. The rain, steady and heavy at times, will be accompanied by wind gusts typically of 40-50mph - in excess of that over The Pennines and for Cumbria.

Next few days: Mainly dry Friday. Brighter on Saturday. Very unsettled Sunday.

In the meantime we deal with a generally unsettled, changeable story. If you catch a sunny spell you'll be lucky. Temperatures around the average at best, 14-16C.

Thursday: Spell of rain pushes in from the northwest - infringing on occasional brightness but rather cloudy skies. The rain will continue for a time into Thursday night.

Friday: Many places dry but mainly cloudy with dampness in the air at times. Fairly light winds but from a cool, northerly direction.

Saturday: Drier and brighter with some occasional breaks. Average temperatures.