1. ITV Report

Mild end to Saturday. Close night. Warmer tomorrow, then cooling off into next week.

Quiet weather for us over the next few days. Photo: ITV Granada

After a mild day with more cloud further west, but good sunny spells inland, we anticipate that overnight temperatures will also be well up on the average for the time of year.

Cloud thickens and lowers overnight, there will be some drizzle for Cumbria and the Isle of Man. Turning misty inland, lows of 11-13c as opposed to the 8c that we'd normally expect for September.

Sunday pans out very similar to Saturday.

Sunday morning. Credit: ITV Granada

A damp start through Cumbria, NW Wales and the Isle of Man. Misty inland. A gradual improvement through the day in the south and east of the ITV Granada region, with sunny spells developing.

Sunday afternoon. Credit: ITV Granada

Staying cloudy in the north and west, but overall, warmer than today, highs 20-21c 70f.

Another misty one on Sunday night with a grey start on Monday, drizzle in the NW. Dry inland. Brightening though the day. Feeling fairly warm at the start of the week, but temperatures cooling off through Tuesday and Wednesday.