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Sunday, similar to Saturday - but warmer!

Signs of autumn everywhere. Photo: Steve Mulville, Liverpool

Today, if anything, it will be warmer than yesterday, so a fine Sunday for many. Always a little cloudier to the west.

It's also the autumnal equinox when day and night are approximately equal in length. So, after today, the days become shorter than the nights.

Sunday morning. Credit: ITV Granada
Sunday afternoon. Credit: ITV Granada

Sunday starts damp and cloudy through Cumbria, NW Wales and the Isle of Man. Misty inland. A gradual improvement through the day in the south and east of the ITV Granada region, with sunny spells developing. Staying cloudy in the north and west, but overall, warmer than today, highs 20-21c 70f.

Another misty one on Sunday night with a grey start on Monday, some drizzle in the NW. Dry inland. Brightening though the day, especially inland. Feeling fairly warm at the start of the week, especially in the afternoon sunshine.

Weather outlook. Credit: ITV Granada

Tuesday starts fine, low cloud in the morning lifting to give bright spells, winds falling light and variable. We lose the SW'erly feed and it will be mainly dry.

Overnight on Tuesday, a weak cold front pulls southwards from the north bringing cloud and some light rain and drizzle on Wednesday. Much cooler temperatures too midweek as they return to average values or just below.

Weather outlook for various regional locations. Credit: ITV Granada

Indications are that the end of the coming week looks more unsettled, but that's a long way off yet!