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Slow start Wednesday. Cloudy but warm

Misty morning by GEORGE CASPER Photo:

Misty murky conditions continue into the afternoon for some areas. It's disappointingly cloudy with light showers at times. Sunshine is very much at a premium for Wednesday - an odd bright spell possible.

WEDNESDAY: Disappointingly cloudy. Fog lingering. Brightness at a premium

For the rest of the week conditions stay mainly dry with fairly warm air. A few more sunny spells should develop by Thursday afternoon.

There will be a noticeable breeze by the end of Friday - all ahead of something more unsettled in store for the south of the UK by the weekend - but how this affects us is still in question.

By Saturday winds will be stronger, skies will be cloudier. There's a risk of rain but hopefully it will stay dry and bright.

OUTLOOK: Winds stronger and from the east. At this stage mainly dry but quite cloudy until Sunday