1. ITV Report

More unsettled by the weekend

Wednesday started more unsettled than we would like - light rain in places slowly sinking south. drier afternoon for most parts of the region with mist and fog lingering in places. Bright and warm spells should also develop during the afternoon. Highs will be comfortably above the average of 16/17C....possibly reaching 20/21C (70F) in any longer sunny spells.

SATURDAY: Low pressure feeds in from the Atlantic by the weekend. Stronger winds and more unsettled

The weather becomes much more organised as we head towards the weekend - but at the same time much more unsettled.

An area of low pressure develops in the Atlantic to the southwest of the UK. This is going to arrive by the weekend.

Despite the continuing feed of warm air over the next few days with temperatures remaining above the average, showers are more of a risk by Thursday as a weather front moves in from the southwest.

There maybe a brief respite on Friday before stronger winds, cloudier skies and the risk of showers or longer spells of rain threaten as we head into Saturday.