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Weather Outlook: Mainly dry

Changing colours in Southport KEVIN LUCKETT Photo:

Wednesday remains cloudy with low cloud lingering in some places.

An odd bright spell is possible but so are a few light showers.

A disappointing day overall but the air remains on the warm side of average 19C.

Mainly cloudy for WEDNESDAY. A few light showers with low cloud lingering.

Overnight many places will remain cloudy with light rain and drizzle in the air - specially for parts of Cheshire & South Lancashire. Lows here of around 11C.

In contrast skies will clear a little from the northeast. There could even be a little hill fog again - but not as widespread as previous nights. Rural parts of North Lancashire and Cumbria could dip to 6C. Certainly a fresher night.

THURSDAY: Grey start but improving a little into the afternoon with some sunshine

Thursday will again begin rather cloudy and, despite a little dampness again for Cheshire, mainly dry.

The afternoon should improve a little - to brighter skies with some sunny breaks developing.

In the sunshine temperatures 18C and winds a little stronger for the coasts.

Bright spells rather than wall-to-wall sunshine as we head into the weekend. At this stage mainly dry.

The weekend looks fresher as winds push in from a colder easterly direction. There will be a noticeable breeze by Saturday.

The exact weather story is still uncertain. If low pressure stays further south and west conditions will stay dry. If it tracks further north there is a higher risk of stronger winds, cloudier skies and showery rain.